How to Shop Coles online by computer

Coles Online PDF download

This easy step-by-step instruction checklist is for learning how to shop online at Coles using your computer, including steps for creating an online shopping account, and ordering and paying for groceries for pickup or delivery.


These instructions are for using your computer and internet browser. To complete the steps in this workshop you need:

  • A recent desktop or notebook computer with the latest updates installed
  • A working email address that you know how to use
  • And, you’ll be using a web browser (E.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari)

What's covered in this checklist?

This checklist is for using your computer to shop online at Coles and covers the following topics:

  • How to create an account for Coles online
  • How to shop online at Coles
  • View your account

Download the checklist:

How to shop online at Coles [by computer] checklist(PDF, 7MB)