Ideas for Zoomies events


Some possible ideas for future Zoomies events

We've brainstormed fun ideas for some future Zoomies social and learning workshop events. How interested you are in these and other events will determine if and when we create them. So, it all depends on how much interest you show. Everything mentioned here on this page is just a hint at the possibilities. If you like the sound of any of these events, or have an idea for your own event, let us know so that we can make it happen. 

'Password Managers for the Paranoid'  Learning workshop:
If you're not using a password manager every time you go online, you should be.
'Grumpy Old Men's Club' Social group:
Men respectfully discussing anything and everything.
How to use my new iPad Learning workshop:
How to use my new Android phone Learning workshop:
Seasonal Eco Gardening Social/Learning workshop:
Best practices for passionate eco gardeners
'A Reading of Books' Social group:
Book club, discussing the latest book 
'Gonna Do, Must Do' Social group:
For all those 'wanna be's', that just don't get around to doing things
'ManCave—Workshops and Tools' Social group:
For anyone who has or wishes they had all the tools and the workshop to match
'The Writer's Block' Social group:
Creative writing for writers and aspiring authors
Home Maintenance Social/Learning workshop:
Can't escape it, might as well take pride in getting it done
'A Discussion of Books' Social group:
A book review and discussion club
'A Posse of Poetic Justice' Social group:
Poetry readings, discussion and reminiscing over great poetry and the wonderful poets who wrote it
'Fellowship of Fishers' Social group:
A fishing club for anyone who can bear it
'Guild of Crafty Crafters' Social group:
A creative crafters guild for sewing and crafts
'Erstwhile Adventurers' Social group:
Armchair travel in the age of COVID
Pets and Grandkids Social group:
"Never work with animals or small children" goes the old saying
'Beyond English' Social group:
"Foreign" languages are only foreign to those who don't speak them
'A Melding of Minds Cafe' Social group:
Virtual social BYO drink, bikkies and chat
Music and Song Social group:
Music appreciation and everything music for the unappreciated
'The Children's Story Tellers' Social group:
Seniors telling stories to children
Spotify Music How to... Learning workshop:
How to tune in and listen to Spotify music on your computer, phone or tablet
Technology and Innovation Social group:
Discussion group for technophobes and technophiles
Wearable Tech Social group:
For the social vanguard
'Instagram in an Instant' Learning workshop:
Keeping up with the grandkids on 'Insta'
'The CLOUD' Learning workshop:
Learn about 'The Cloud', the big unseen internet in the sky out there
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Our online social events and learning workshops are intended for seniors aged 65 and over and living on the NSW Mid North Coast.

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