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Boost your gardening knowledge, connect with fellow enthusiasts and get inspired.

From identifying plant species to getting advice on which varieties to plant at what time of the year, technology can help us all become greener thumbed. Below you'll find some of the most popular gardening websites and apps.


gardening australia  

Gardening Australia

Get all your gardening information, tips and tricks, ideas and inspiration, on the ABC's Gardening Australia website.



better homes and gardens  

Better Homes and Gardens

Learn all about beautiful annual, perennial, bulb, and rose flowers, as well as shrubs and trees as Better Homes and Gardens inspires you to create your perfect outdoor landscape.



pinterest gardening ideas  

Gardening on Pinterest

Pinterest is platform that lets you discover visual ideas like recipe cards, garden and home inspiration and lots more. You can save (pin) these ideas to specific boards to keep them organised.

Get inspired with gardening ideas on Pinterest


smart plant app  

SmartPlant App

Available on iPhone, iPad or Android devices, the SmartPlant app lets you discover and care for plants for free. Identify and browse thousands of plants, add the plants you love and relax while the app gives you the information you need to look after them.

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